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Posted 4/16/2016 6:54am by Jeffrey Henry.

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The break in harsh weather has brought upon us the busyness of spring. Yesterday we re-planted tomatoes in the high tunnel. The book said plant tomatoes in the high tunnel by April 1st. Mother nature said that's not going to work this year. We lost about 60 cherokee purple plants that we had started in February due to that last little bit of winter weather. The good news is that snap and snow peas are already 6 inches tall. We have planted red turnips, watermelon radish, peas, and spring onions outside. In the high tunnel we have beds of head lettuce, baby carrots, chicory, spinach, and tomatoes. All things to look forward to. For the farm store today we have extra heavy bags of mesclun mix from the greenhouse. 

Today is officially Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation day. I will be celebrating by cutting into a special wheel of swaledale that I made in the fall. Anyone that stops by the farm store today can taste it and help me decide if it is something that we should add to our new lineup of raw cow milk cheeses or not. I hope you are as excited as I am to try it. Raw milk cheese made in traditional ways from animals on pasture is certainly something to celebrate. See you at the store between 1-5.

Jeffrey & Mary-Jean

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Dairy Goats

We have been raising quality registered Alpine Dairy Goats since 2011. Many of our does are directly related to top 10 milkers. We graze our goats on rotated pastures and woods. They receive a non-GMO grain at milking time and they also have free choice access to 12 different mineral supplements every day. In the winter they eat hay made on our farm or close by, and non-GMO grains. 

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