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Farm Store Open Today

Posted 4/23/2016 7:35am by Jeffrey Henry.

Cranberry Creek Farm 


The first garden prepared this year is now full. In this garden we planted snap and snow peas, red turnips, watermelon radish, spring onions, red cabbage, broccoli, cippolini onions, romaine heads, chicory, endive and carrots. Cheers to farmers Nick and Heather for helping to plant and spend much of a few days eradicating couch grass roots from the beds.

We made our first real planting of strawberries into a well prepared patch below the loafing barn. 800 plants went into 10 rows and are now getting watered in. They are already coming up and it looks like it will be a lasting addition to our market table not this year, but in the years to come. For the first season they say to pinch the flowers off. For someone so needing of instant gratification it is painful to think we have to wait a whole year before having the satisfaction of our own strawberries. I hope we all live to see the quarts of perfect berries lined up ready and waiting on that first harvest. 

We have 2 hogs that are going to the butcher on the 29 of this month. We have no room in the freezer so they are up for grabs. we can provide 1/4 or 1/2 shares. A half share would be about 90 lbs of pork. If you are interested please contact me asap so I can take your specs on how you would like your chops, bacons, hams, and sausages. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination as to how you would like your pork processed.

This week we have quarts of yogurt, mesclun mix, eggs, cheese and a variety of pork. We are also doing a plant sale with our overstocked veggie starts. The farm store will be open today from 1-5. 


Jeffrey & Mary-Jean

Cranberry Creek Farm

112 Henry's Crossing Rd

Cresco, PA 18326

570-595-7748 (cell)609-923-0308

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We have been raising quality registered Alpine Dairy Goats since 2011. Many of our does are directly related to top 10 milkers. We graze our goats on rotated pastures and woods. They receive a non-GMO grain at milking time and they also have free choice access to 12 different mineral supplements every day. In the winter they eat hay made on our farm or close by, and non-GMO grains. 

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