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RAW MILK! and other News

Posted 9/27/2019 10:23am by Jeffrey Henry.

Cranberry Creek Farm Newsletter


Dear Friends of Cranberry Creek Farm,

Summer has come and gone. It was another rainy summer. Not enough to cause flooding or much erosion, but frequently enough to make it impossible to get the first cutting of hay done in time enough to get a good second cutting. We finally got to cutting and baling all the fields in August. We made about 600 bales. Not quite enough to get us through the winter, but a vast improvement from the days of buying all of our hay. Its not as fancy as some of the stuff that we can get, but it's diverse in plant species, and we can rest assured that it's not sprayed with anything. Both are facts that the goats seem to appreciate. We made nice hay for being green to haymaking. It smells good, and has no mold or dust. This is good for the goats, as well as excellent for making cheese.

The cheese cave is filled with large wheels of alpine, tomme, and gouda. I developed a few new recipes this year. I didn't get to making much cheese with autochthonous cultures this season like I have the past few years. I wanted to play it safe. Some of the home made starters that I tried in the spring did not culture well. I went back to store bought multi national corporate industrial starter cultures. This is ok. Almost every cheesemaker uses them. They make great cheese. But I am a rebel at heart, and I want to be making wild and free cheeses with natural local microbes. After all, it's our human duty to become native to our place. How else will we be able to develop a love of the earth enough to save it from ourselves? Perhaps next season I'll get back to experimenting with autochthonous cultured cheese.

The biggest piece of news that I have for you today is that we now have a permit to sell RAW MILK! I will be bottling milk into half gallon jugs tomorrow morning. It will be available in the farm store from 10-2 tomorrow (Saturday) and every Saturday until December. Everyone knows someone that likes to drink goat milk. Please tell your friends! We need to sell quite a lot of milk to make it worthwhile to have the permit. Hopefully we will see you tomorrow!


Jeffrey & Mary-Jean

Cranberry Creek Farm

112 Henry's Crossing Rd

Cresco, PA 18326

570-595-7748 (cell)609-923-0308

Dairy Goats

We have been raising quality registered Alpine Dairy Goats since 2011. Many of our does are directly related to top 10 milkers. We graze our goats on rotated pastures and woods. They receive a non-GMO grain at milking time and they also have free choice access to 12 different mineral supplements every day. In the winter they eat hay made on our farm or close by, and non-GMO grains. 

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