Cranberry Creek Farm LLC

Cranberry Creek Farm was originally settled in the late 1800's by my great great grandfather William Henry. William carved out and farmed a piece of wilderness given to him by his father who was a farmer and manager of the Henryville House. The Henryville House was a well known (now extinct) boarding house that people visited for the fresh air and world renowned trout fishing in the many surrounding creeks, including Cranberry Creek.

After graduating from Prescott College with a degree in Agroecology and apprenticing with a local csa farm I knew that I had to be a farmer. There was a farmhouse, a few old outbuildings and a couple rocky acres that Mary-Jean and I graciously accepted as home from my parents William & Christine Henry and we began our farming career.

Many years later we have a 40 head herd of registered Alpine Dairy Goats, fully equipped cheesemaking facility, goat loafing barn, horse barn, 10 acres of pasture, 3 acres of gardens, a plant starting greenhouse, high tunnel, an on farm store and a son, Everett William Henry who was born May 3, 2013.

In the early years of farming we used the CSA model for distributing the farm's produce. When the dairy was started all hands were needed for building the cheesemaking and milking barn and learning goat husbandry as well as cheese making and marketing. Now that the dairy is up and running we are bringing back the CSA! We hope you will join us for a wonderful season of fresh foods from our gardens, pastures, creamery and forest.

Our aged raw farmstead cheeses, garden vegetables and meats are sold through our CSA, wholesale distributors and the Monroe Farmers Market. 

Jeffrey W. Henry