A Real Family Farm for 6 Generations

Our farm has been worked by the Henry family in Henryville, on Henrys Crossing Rd for almost 2 centuries. Each generation has done something a little different and this one is no exception. Mary-Jean and I started making cheese in 2008, when we had our first cow named Delilah. She was a Jersey cow and gave us the creamiest milk that we would store in a milk can submerged in running spring water to keep it cool. We would take that milk into the house and make a farmhouse cheddar with a recipe out of Ricki Carroll’s home cheesemaking book. We had a cantilever cheese press on the wall of the kitchen, and a home-made cheese Mould. We would age that cheese in our basement, in the old coal bin, the coolest place we could find. At that time, we would vacuum seal the cheese, and age it 2 months or more before eating. It wasn’t the best cheese, but we enjoyed it very much. This was our introduction to cheesemaking, and we learned a great deal about cheese and keeping dairy animals during that time. Now, over 15 years later, we are still on the farm and still making cheese! We have goats now, and we have a dedicated facility that is officially licensed by the department of agriculture. It’s hard work but we still have fun with it every day. Purchasing our cheese helps bring us towards our goal of restoring the working landscape on our small family farm. Thanks for coming along on this journey with us.


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