Goats for Sale

We offer registered American Alpine dairy goat kids in the spring, and we sometimes have adult milking goats and bucks for sale. Contact Jeff @ 609-923-0308 if you would like to reserve your 2025 kids.

We have a herd of mostly goats from our favorite herd at Lazy Lady Farm. We breed with Lazy Lady genetics as well as Mamm-Key, Cherry Glen, Redwood Hills and Tempo all playing a part in our herd. Our goats are regularly tested for CAE and CL, as well as TB and Brucellosis. We strive to keep goats that are excellent milkers, have sturdy well attached udders, strong hooves, wide bellies, level toplines and that do well on our low grain and high browse diet. We feed a small amount of non-gmo grain at milking time and feed our own hay when they are in the barn at night and at times of inclement weather. We have to do very little deworming with our herd, and we do keep an eye on it with Famacha scoring and fecal egg count. When you purchase goat kids from us you can be sure that you are getting some of the most excellent kids that our industry has to offer. Doelings are $150 each up to 2 weeks of age and go up 20 dollars each week after that. Bucklings are $75 dollars each, going up $20 dollars a week after 2 weeks. The price goes up to reflect the cost of feeding them and our time involved. We feed our kids raw goat milk directly from the bulk tank. This is because it is much better for them than milk replacer, and we know that there is no need to raise them on CAE prevention (pasteurized milk and colostrum).

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